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Stop Motion Video Art

CLAY ANIMATION (selected work)

Hypnosis / Exhibition Video Art

PERSONAL HEALING PROGRAM is an animated hypnosis session.

A so-called "Mind Manipulating Machine" will lead you into deep, pleasant hypnosis. In a state of complete relaxation, this program finds access to your subconscious and can completely heal your body and mind...


Our greatest good is our health. This becomes particularly clear when we or someone close to us becomes seriously ill. Therefore the health sector is considered to be the most lucrative business of all, as the customers affected are deeply desperate. With the promise of hope and healing you can lead them into a trap.


Exhibition Video Art

Many decades before earth's resources were exhausted and the human era was over, science succeeded in separating human consciousness from the body, transferring it to a nutrient substrate in order to make it indefinitely durable. On the one hand, this came about from the idea of ​​preserving and passing on the memory of the human species if the planet should recover and create new life at some point.

On the other hand, in times of need one thought of the small but nevertheless conceivable possibility of reactivation through extraterrestrial life forms. With the help of high sophisticated technologies, these could successfully transfer human consciousness back into a body or host, be it mechanical or organic.


Since then, a conservation process has been repeated in a bunker deep in underground where a research laboratory was left behind. Over the centuries evolution has created a single disembodied creature out of the collective consciousness that is still waiting to be found.


Exhibition Video Art, Protest Poster

The rejection and exclusion of one's own species, regarding it as a minority, as disturbing and harmful, only works if it gets approval from society. Then there’s given free rein for a humanitarian disaster. This process can be projected on many events of the past and the future.

"No Space For Humanity" Is a so-called PROTEST POSTER.

As soon as we have destroyed ourselves by war, it will replace that human voices at the borders. So, even if we no longer exist, we still have the possibility to send away asylum seekers by machine.


Exhibition Video Art

Are you looking for the perfect baby? Here your wish will be fulfilled! In a factory children are made to measure.


Claymation music video for The Incredible Staggers, an Austrian 60s Garage Rock and Roll band from Graz.

DEEP DOWN, stop frame animation with sugar and ink
PSYRIEL PORTRAIT, hand drawn frame by frame animation with oil pastels
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